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Hello from the Osler House President

Much like Common Rooms down the hill, Osler House is both a physical space and the body of all clinical medics. The Committee runs Osler House itself as well as Osler Mess (within the JR) and the Robb Smith Education Centre at the Churchill. We’re constitutionally directed to provide for all the “academic and non-academic interests” of clinical students at Oxford; it’s a huge scope covering all manner of passions.
Sadly, COVID-19 has done an impressive job of scuppering the best laid plans and turning this year on its head. Please do bear with us as we try and contort the normal Osler House timetable into a pandemic-friendly one that still provides all the amazing extra-curriculars that supplement Clinical School life.
It would be my pleasure to answer any questions you have about Osler House and life at the Clinical School. I know my committee feel the same way. You’ll find all our committee members and their various areas of expertise on this website. You can contact any of us directly via email or Facebook, or send the Osler House Facebook page a message.

Thomas Brockwell
Osler House President

Upcoming events

Events for clincial medics are organised either by Osler House or the Tingewick Society. Find all upcoming events here or download them here.

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